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Copper - A Proven Germ-fighter

Copper won't just beautify your space, it makes it safer.  Dont' take our word for it, numerous studies over the years have proven that copper kills germs on contact surfaces quickly and highly efficiently, and the EPA has registered pure copper as an antimicrobial material.  Why take the chance in your space?  Contact us for copper push plates, push and pull-bar covers, work surfaces, and more.

Chart shows copper kills coronavirus in less than 5 minutes

Copper Kills Coronavirus, SARS, H1N1, Norovirus and more!

It can kill coronaviruses in minutes!  Check out the FAQ page and our Reference page to see the proof that Copper Kills It.  We regularly fabricate products from copper (all the pictures on this site are made by our craftsmen and women) so when we went to address our company's highest touch points to kill Corona Virus with the Power of Copper, we knew we had to share this with others.  To enhance your commercial cleaning program, Be sure that you are getting pure, uncoated copper for your high-touch areas! 

Why Our Products?

Our products are specifically engineered for maximum pathogen protection.  Beware other products that look like copper!  Most, even if actually copper, have a coating that blocks the amazing properites that kill germs on contact. Our products are never coated and of the purest copper commercially available for maximum virus and germ killing power.  Ensure your family, employees, and customers have the highest level of potection - Copper Kills It!

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